We have been designing and producing various models of pumps to be used in different fields of industry. Experienced in product selection and production, our staff renders the services which meet the requirements of the industrial enterprises with after sales support and services which maintain our long term business relationships.

Since various fluids used in many sectors present different properties such as durability, viscosity, radiance, temperature, pressure, grains, contamination, abrasion, we have designed customized pumps according to each fluid/viscose type and developed and diversified our product range in line with your requests and requirements. We produce Helical Gear Pumps, High Pressure Gear Pumps, Regenerative Pumps, Circulation Pumps, Vortex Pumps, Filters and Safety valves. The pumps we produce with our long years of experience are used in food, textile, paint, cleaning, energy, chemistry sectors.

You may consult us regarding your new pump purchases in order to contribute your company’s production quality or request our assistance and support in providing maintenance and increasing efficiency of your pumps. In order for you to safely transfer your fluids through high quality pumps, we are always by your side with our competent and experienced staff.
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