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Regenerative Pumps

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Regenerative Pumps


. Pumps that can work alike in both ways
. Automatic emission
. Positive deplacement
. Flow change is less in relation to the pressure
. Extensive working space


. Chemical fluids
. Pressure tank - hydrophore
. Condenser
. Marine service
. Heated water (180 0 C)
. Heated oil (300 0 C)
. Chemical solvents

Regenerative pumps can operate successfully in many fields requiring less flow, high pressure. On account of the design, these pumps are used only in clean systems and fluids. In some cases, particles within the fluid can be used by being cleaned via filters.

Operation of the Regenerative Pumps

The main difference between regenerative pumps and hydro extractor pumps is that the fluid passes through a closed propeller in hydro extractor pumps but in the regenerative pumps, the fluid moves by passing through the cogs that are located in both surfaces of the propeller.

The propeller balances itself by generating equal pressure in both gaps while working within the the steps, thus, the load that comes to the engine bearings can be balanced hydrolically.

Looked at the diagram carefully, the wings of the propeller move within the flow range of the water pass.

When the fluid comes within the pump, the propeller applies centrifugal force and acquires the pressure by moving the fluid within each of the wings.

Therefore, when operating, the pump originates an orderly flow speed.

In order to prevent the the loss of efficiency, fine gaps are needed in the steps and in the propeller that operates in the steps.

Technical Properties

Performance Curves of Regenerative Pumps

Regenerative Pumps Types

Sešim Tablosu ( 1450 d / dk )
Selection Chart ( 1450 rpm )

Sešim Tablosu 2900 ( d / dk )
Selection Chart 2900 rpm


2D and 3D Drawings Will Be Loaded to My Site Soon !

Part List

Part List

01- Cover
02- O-ring
03- Impeller
04- Packing Casing
05- Chassis Leg
06- Packing
07- Gland
08- Stud Bolt
09- Bearing End Cover
10- Bearing
11- Oil Fill Plu

12- Drive Shaf
13- Sealing Ring
14- Bolt
15- Oil Drain Plugt
16- Water Spraying Disc
17- Stud Bolt
18- Body pump
19- Bolt
20- Key
21- Mec Seal Adapterl
22- Mechanical Seal

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